Taylor Swift’s tour is raising the bar for all touring artists

Isabella Parish, Editor-in-Chief

Since 2020, concerts and any live events in general have been drastically different. Many artists had to postpone their concerts for years. With it now being 2023, a lot of entertainers have been back on the road with even bigger and extravagant shows. 

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular musicians of our time and her current tour, The Era’s Tour further proves that. Swift is not a first-timer when it comes to putting on incredible shows for her fans. 

In 2018 Swift went on a record breaking tour, The Reputation Tour. The 2018 tour consisted of 53 shows, and sold 2.9 million tickets. But The Era’s Tour is giving all past tours a run for their money. 

The Era’s Tour show consists of songs from all her albums and different eras. Swift plays 44 songs over a three hour period. While just the amount of time Swift is on stage is unheard in the music industry, her presence and actions on stage are even more impressive. 

The custom costumes she wears distinctly represent the album she is performing at the time. Swift starts the concert in a Versace bodysuit while she plays songs from her album ‘Lover’ and then she switches into a blazer ensemble. To kick off her ‘Fearless’ era, Swift changes for the third time into a Robert Cavalli sparkly, mini dress. 

Swift then changes into a floor-length gown to represent her album ‘evermore.’ Not even half-way through the show, Swift changes again into a Robert Cavalli jumpsuit. If that is not extravagant enough, she then sports a full, floor-length ball gown to represent ‘Speak Now.’

Before the show ends Taylor enters four more specific album eras and changes roughly six more times throughout the show. Just to make this more impressive, with all the outfit changes Swift still manages to put on an impressive show with a plethora of dancers and visuals.

 Night after night fans are tuning into live streams to catch a glimpse of what the show is all about. Her outfits change every weekend and Swift has implemented two surprise songs at every show. Because of the amount of music she has out, the artist revealed to fans on the first night of the tour that she could sing two songs in her catalog without repeating the entire tour. 

The fans who are physically at the shows are not the only ones involved. Every night of the tour is posted heavily on social media. Some fans have gone as far to live steam the entire concert. While this may seem pointless to most, I have found myself watching live streams every weekend and constantly refreshing my social media pages to know what surprise songs she played.

Swift is absolutely changing the game for artists with a massive discography. Combining all of her eras and doing them all well is impressive even if she was just sitting at a piano the whole time. This concert goes above and beyond. 

The Era’s Tour is projected to be one of the most successful tours of all time. Billboard estimated the tour will make almost 600 million dollars and as of right now the tour is just across the US. Swift will continue to set the bar higher for musicians as her career continues.