Opinion: Get tougher and carry all your groceries in one go

Gabby Reese, Columnist

The “one trip journey” is the notable trip we all take at one point in our lives. When you make a big grocery run at the end of the week and have a bunch of bags to carry inside, this kind of expedition requires great strength. Some of us have not mastered that one trip wonder, that skill, that courage and determination to get all the things out of the car.

 People sometimes wonder if it’s possible, realistic or even important to make this legendary trip. For those that doubt it I ask you this question, are you determined enough to get the job done? I say it can be done, and people need to toughen up. And yes it is important.

You simply don’t need to worry if your arms are strong enough to carry all the goods in from the car. If you have doubts then the job will not get done. It can’t be done. One must be confident in the glory of bringing your groceries inside in one go. Some may argue that it is unreasonable to make the one trip, but instead make multiple trips because it would be more efficient.

 I would argue that making multiple trips takes longer and is inefficient. The huge benefit of the one trip is that it is predetermined to cause success. If you take the one trip, you are superior to all others. You have chosen temporary discomfort and possible pain for a more efficient and successful route. 

You might look like a fool, carrying six bags in one arm and more in the other, but in the end it will bring you great pride. The practice of the journey will also make you stronger. As you become mentally prepared for the next one, your arms will get stronger every time you do. This trek is not for the faint hearted, but the strong willed. This is something that requires practice and over time one can master. 

The only bad thing that can happen is if the dreaded bag breaks. With no free hands you won’t be able to pick up what you’ve lost. If a bag breaks the world essentially ends for this journey. This glorious one trip phenomenon becomes a trip that has no longer become more efficient, but more of a nightmare. In order to make the hike easier,, you need reliable bags, a drive to get it done, as well as the mental strength to get through. Once that journey is completed, you are done. There is no need to go back to the car. You are all set. The risk may be high, but the reward is amazing and only the strong willed will successfully complete it.