Chicago hosts large protest against Iranian government

Farah Bassyouni, News Editor

The whole world has its eyes on Iran. Over a thousand people took to the streets of Chicago last Saturday, October 1, to protest the regime in Iran. Protests occur in Iran everyday and were sparked by Mahsa Amini, who died on September 16 in Iranian police custody for not wearing her hijab properly. 

University and high school students participated heavily in the protests against the Iranian government. While Amini’s death triggered a public demonstration of anger, the protests are deeply rooted in the country’s corruption and oppression, and have continued to spread across the world. 

“We started walking on Michigan Ave. from Jackson Ave. to Ontario Ave. while chanting and stopping at intersections. We took the mic, chanting ‘Mahsa Amini’, ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ and ‘Down with the dictators’,” said an Iranian Michigan State University student who attended the protests. 

In Illinois, many students traveled across the Midwest to join the people of Chicago in their protests against the Iranian government. While many around the world gather to fight for human rights, this is a privilege many Iranians do not have. 

“As we are standing here tonight, Iranians are in the streets fighting empty-handed. They are getting tortured, shot at and jailed for speaking up against the government,” a protester told FOX 32. 

In Iran, protestors face violent repercussions from the government in order to resist the demonstrations, including tear gas, metal pellets and fire. According to Human Rights Watch, the Iraninan police have killed at least 60 protestors, although human rights groups suggest the real number is higher. 

It is considered dangerous to protest in Iran, and so many women are cutting their hair and symbolically burning hijabs in order to fight the misogynistic system of the country. In Chicago, protestors were able to peacefully rally and organizers stated that there will be more demonstrations in the future.