Students can now “titan connect” with Bobzbay

Farah Bassyouni, Staff Writer

Bobzbay’s logo features a robot which appears both on the shop’s sign and as graffiti on the side of the building.
Credit: Liam Killian

Students can now get in touch with local businesses in Bloomington through Titan Connect. The goal of Titan Connect is to give students a better way to connect with the community. This month, the campaign spotlights local bookstore Bobzbay.

            Titan Connect is Student Senate’s civic engagement committee’s newest project. Titan Connect spotlights a new business every month and all students have to do is go to the local business, enter their name and automatically win a gift card with no purchase necessary. 

“Titan Connect is the blossoming of a great idea to encourage students to support local businesses and form meaningful ties to their community,” civic engagement commissioner Rachel Williams said. 

Student Senate’s mission is to help students feel a sense of belonging and agency and inspire them to give back to the community. 

 Last month, Titan Connect spotlighted 2frugals, a local thrift store in Downtown Bloomington. 

This month, Titan Connect is spotlighting Bobzbay bookstore which Student Senate called “a progressive, inclusive, community-driven bookstore with books for all reading levels and interests.”

Bobzbay is operated by Elizabeth Aspbury who puts time and effort not only into her business but also educates others through the resources she provides. 

“It’s important to read social justice books because they help us become better citizens and advocates in an increasingly unequal world,” Williams said.  

The local business has been independently owned and operated since 2009 and sells both used and new books. 

Bobzbay was carefully selected for the literary appeal it has to college students. 

“We chose Bobzbay because with classes finishing up we want students to explore summer reading options, and they notably offer lots of social justice books,” Williams said. 

Williams said that Bobzbay was also chosen due to its affordability. It is difficult for college students to inexpensively shop locally so this is the perfect option.

“I personally bought 3 books from Bobzbay the other day for just $25. Two of the books were ‘used,’ but they were in excellent condition and looked untouched,” Williams said. 

Bobzbay is affordable and environmentally friendly. And,Titan Connect makes the acquaintance process simple. Students do not need to purchase to enter the drawing, they just need to visit the shop.