This year’s summer fashion trends are In

Isabella Parish

Illustration: Samira Kassem



1. Knitwear: No not a huge bulky cable knit sweater, a cropped tank top style knit. Sweater vests made their comeback in late 2020 and they are here to stay. Funky colored and uneven lined patterned knitwear for summer is an absolute must.    Photo:


2. Fun Shaped Purses: Instead of just a normal crossbody or tote style bag, look for a bag with more dimension like a Market Style tote or purses with chunky chain straps. Another bag that is very popular is a cloud style bag, which is exactly what it sounds like. This summer having a bag on your shoulder should enhance your outfit not just hold your necessities. Photo:
3. Oversized blazers: While summer is the hottest season, blazers are here to stay. The blazers can be bulky or cropped. Jackets in summer may not be the most practical trend but looking good can be painful and in this situation painfully hot. Photo:


4. Head Scarfs: Throwing it back to the 50s and 60s headscarves are making their comeback this summer. The silk head scarves can be patterned or plain. They are just another tool to amplify an outfit and express yourself. Photo:
5. Pastel Color Palette: During the winter months, the color brown and monochrome outfits have really been a hit. For summer, it is all about light lavender and mint green. These fresh colors will definitely make your outfit stand out. Using different shades of classic colors will be another must this summer.   Photo:


6. Colorful Rings: This trend has really started to take off already, and the popularity will most likely continue to grow. Whether the whole ring is a fun color or just the gem on the ring, it adds a pop of color and fun to a simple outfit. Photo:


7. Matching Short Sets: No one worry, loungewear is not going anywhere this summer. Monochrome matching loungewear short sets are a must. This item is probably one of the easiest trends to recreate comfortably. You can not go wrong with neutrals or fun colors. Comfort is key with this trend. Photo:


8. Mesh Shirts: These types of shirts are tricky but have so much exciting potential. Mesh shirts can be layered underneath shirts and not add any extra heat, which is a huge bonus. The shirts can be long or short sleeves and they can be patterned or plain. A quick search on Pinterest can show you how to magnify an outfit with a mesh top. Photo:


9. Baggy Pants/Shorts: If you have not heard through TikTok, skinny jeans are no longer the best pants on the market. While I still own skinny jeans and think they can be very stylish with certain outfits, baggy jeans and pants have completely changed my outfits. A baggier style pant gives the outfit a lot more of a casual look. Photo:


10. A Face Mask! No explanation needed for this one. Even with summer approaching, this is a necessity. Photo:

While summer and trend hunting is exciting, wearing what you feel the best in is the most important thing. Trends are trends for a reason and they go out as fast as they come in. This summer is the best time to just have fun, be comfortable and stay safe.