“Socialism”: A photo essay

Samira Kassem


“Socialism means empty shelves at the grocery store”

A supermarket in Merrick, New York (captialist America).
Photo: Al Bello











“Socialism means waiting in long lines for food”

A line for a food bank in South Carolina (capitalist America).
Photo: Mario Tama











“Socialism means unemployment”

People who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 wait in a long line outside of a career center in Kentucky (capitalist America).
Photo: John Sommers












“Socialism means human rights violations”

Children in cages on the border (capitalist America).
Photo: Reuters











Socialism means you lose your freedom”

Chicago Teacher’s Union protesting a ruling that would force them to go back to crowded classrooms in the middle of a pandemic before they are vaccinated in order to continue getting paid (in capitalist America).
Photo: Chicago Tribune