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Responsibility now could save the holiday season

Pandemic or not you can’t go wrong with a good Christmas sweater to spread some holiday cheer.
Photo: Samira Kassem

Halloween is usually the signalling of the end of daylight savings time, the temperature dropping and the start of the holiday season. However, this year it simply signalled our lack of knowledge about the future. 

COVID-19 is still running rampant in the U.S in its third wave (CDC). 

There has been talk of a possible vaccine in the near future, however currently there is not one publically available. 

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, families will sadly not be gathering at their tables. Or at least they hopefully will not, as COVID-19 spreads very quickly and easily in large groups of un-distanced and un-masked people (CDC).

 I remember at the start of the pandemic, back in March, I thought it would last a few months. I told myself I’d be back in school for my senior prom and graduation. When that did not happen, I said things will be back to normal by summer. Now it is past Halloween and we are still in a pandemic that does not seem to be going away. 

The holiday season is seemingly cancelled because of this. No going to holiday parties, shopping on Black Friday, no going to the mall to see Santa. 

“No going to holiday parties, shopping on Black Friday, no going to the mall to see Santa.”

We can and should still celebrate the holidays, but it will be different, and possibly disappointing to some. 

For the past few years, friends and I have gone to a local shopping center on Black Friday to get our Christmas shopping done. Unfortunately, that tradition will have to be substituted for online shopping this season. Cyber Monday is already a thing, but I can not say it is as fun for my friends and I. 

Shopping is okay, but it is more so hanging out, looking and picking gifts for our families, enjoying each other’s company that is the fun part. But no, not this year. 

I am hoping now that things might be settled down by New Year’s Eve, when I typically go to an annual party. Yet again, I am extremely doubtful the party will happen, given the current pandemic. 

Although I am disappointed with the “cancellation” of my favorite time of year, I am more disappointed in  the people who refuse to socially-distance, who do not wear masks, who go to parties and refuse to adhere to COVID guidelines. It is frustrating as someone who wears a mask, socially-distances and does not attend parties, who adheres to COVID guidelines. 

I am someone who follows these guidelines in order to get back to some type of “normal,” where I could hang out with my friends in public places, eat inside a restaurant or go to the movies without fear of catching COVID-19. 

The pandemic will most likely still be here for the holidays, based both on current statistics and information on COVID-19. Although I wish it would not be, it is just not realistic. 

Especially with the corresponding flu season, people need to be extra careful. However, even with the current pandemic, the holidays will hopefully still be fun. 

We will all be back in our hometowns, with our families, pets and friends. We can still shop for holiday presents online, watch our favorite movies and bake delicious treats. Plus, we all choose who will be in our quarantine circles, just choose wisely if you hang out in person. 

Besides, if everyone follows the guidelines, cases will go down and the holiday season will not be “cancelled.”I might be too old to have one, but I know that will be at the top of my Christmas list this year.

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