10 alternative, pandemic-safe ways to celebrate Halloween

Editorial Board

Photo: Olivia Jacobs
  1. Use an Ouija board to summon poltergeists into your room like a DIY haunted house
  2. Dress up as your favorite Halloween movie character and have a movie marathon
  3. Buy a giant bag of Halloween candy, sit in your bed and eat it all by yourself
  4. Call out anyone posting in culturally insensitive costumes (c’mon people it’s 2020)   
  5. Have a pumpkin smashing or carving contest or both
  6. Kill a man for ritual sacrifice (for legal reasons this is a joke) 
  7. Have a virtual costume party with your friends or family
  8. Bake and decorate Halloween-themed cookies or another delicious treat
  9. If anything, try to incorporate a mask into your costume, there has never been a better year to dress as a plague doctor 
  10. Put a festive costume on your Among Us character