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Wesleyan provides social activities to relieve students from stress

The slang word “bruh” originates from San Francisco and eventually became more popular over the media platform “Vine”.

Photo: Olivia Bachar 

Students have now been back on campus at Illinois Wesleyan for roughly a month now. Throughout the past month, various organizations, including CAB and the Panhellenic council have put together events. 

Recently Neon Entertainment sponsored the CAB Sign Shop, where students, including myself, got to create custom street signs.

 I went with a friend and it provided a great break from schoolwork, at a great price–free. 

I decided on the incredibly cringey, yet fun “Bruh Queen Ave” printed on a floral background pattern. 

The phrase is definitely not the most eloquent, but it makes me smile when I see it. 

Also, just for showing up and giving my name, I was entered in a raffle to win IWU merchandise.

 The sign shop provided a sense of normalcy for me, just hanging out with a friend and creating a fun street sign to display on my dorm wall. 

The entire experience was also free, a favorite word for college students. 

Another one of the recent events was sorority recruitment.

 Ladies, both on and off campus, got to hear about the sororities on IWU’s campus and decide if greek life was something for them. 

 I for one chose to join, but the women that did not, however, still received free t-shirts and new friends. 

The whole experience, although online, brought some socialization to those participating. 

Especially those at home or in quarantine, they still got to actively participate and be a part of the community. 

As we continue with the next parts of the semester, I highly recommend everybody attend these free events. 

Some are in person, while others are online, but they’re all free and fun for the whole “family”. 

We are all still experiencing a global pandemic, many of us at times feel anxious and overwhelmed. 

These events provide a break, maybe not a solution, but a break to those feelings. 

When I attended sorority recruitment, I was focusing on the sisterhoods and philanthropies on the chapters, not about how mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

 I never once thought about my stress-inducing homework assignments, instead I took time for myself. 

To attend the events and give myself a break, to simply have fun. 

I also look forward to the upcoming Fall Fest and Pizza Taste events by CAB. 

Based on the description, the Fall Fest will be a celebration of fall, with pumpkin-painting and apple cider-tasting, among other things. 

The Fall Fest reminded me of the simpler times of childhood, going to the local pumpkin patch or your elementary school’s halloween celebration. 

Some of my favorite memories were at the aforementioned events, as fall is my favorite season.

 The Pizza Taste will give students the opportunity to taste pizza from the many different pizza places across Bloomington-Normal. 

Being a first-year from the western suburbs of Chicago, I haven’t tried much of the food outside of the campus. 

 All of the events above, as well as ones I have not mentioned, are again available for all students and for free. 

The college and the different organizations are not required to offer these events, but they do it because they know what it means to be without socialization for months at a time. 

No matter whether the event is virtual or in person, it still provides socialization, an easy way to meet new people. 

Many typical social activities and places are still closed, like movie theaters. 

Why not take advantage of the free social activities and try something new? There is nothing to lose, just fun and new friends to gain. 

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