A comedy that is ‘rich’

Samira Kassem

Several networks suggested a name change because it was ‘vulgar sounding,’ but Daniel and Eugene Levy used a phone book to show that Schitt is a legitimate last name.  

One of the hardest things to accomplish: a sitcom that is actually funny throughout all of its seasons. Schitt’s Creek had me laughing and quoting its iconic lines for months after I finished all of the episodes on Netflix.

Dare I say, far funnier than Friends and arguably to the level of The Office

While the show is a comedy, it does not lose sight of a strong story line and the acting is strong in the emotional scenes as well as the funny ones. 

Other comedies, like Friends and The Office do not have the same level of storytelling mixed with humor and quality acting both in the funny scenes and the emotional ones. 

The Canadian sitcom created by comedian Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy, debuted on CBC in January of 2015 and concluded its sixth and final season in April of 2020. 

The show follows the Rose family: Moira (Catherine O’Hara), Johnny (Eugene Levy), David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy), who lose their millions and are left with only the deed to a small rural town called Schitt’s Creek that Johnny originally purchased as a joke. 

The opening episode gives the viewer a glimpse into the previous life of the Roses as they are shown as their house and belongings are carried away by the feds. 

They have no choice but to move into Schitt’s Creek’s only motel, and it is far from what they are used to. 

The series follows the journey of former millionaires as they navigate their new life and discover how normal, non-millionaire people live. 

The show has received quite the array of awards, including 18 Canadian Screen Awards, 19 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and a GLAAD Media Award nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. 

The sitcom was also the first Canadian show to be nominated for a Critic’s Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Series. 

And, no, it’s not overrated in the slightest. 

It is not just the writing that makes the show funny, but the quality of the acting. 

The unique bond between siblings is difficult to portray or even explain, but the viewer is almost convinced that David and Alexis are real siblings with a real sibling bond. 

The sibling relationship portrayed by Annie Murphy and Daniel Levy is incredibly done and every “ew DAVID” remark will make you laugh just as hard as the last.

The viewer definitely is able to see that the actors had a good time filming the show and the cast all complement each other’s talents extremely well. 

The stars of Schitt’s Creek (L to R) Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy and Catherine O’Hara.  

 Photo: Alamy

Schitt’s Creek is a comedy for our times: think ‘the Kardashians have lost all of their money and have to figure out how to live like normal people’. 

That is a show we would probably all like to become a reality but Schitt’s Creek is almost to that level.

 Plus, being fictional, doesn’t make you lose as much faith in humanity.

It is a unique twist on the classic comedy style of focusing on a family unit because this is definitely not a family unit that the average person would have had actual experiences with.  

Apart from the laughs, the show has been praised for its LGBTQ+ representation. 

David Rose navigates being a bisexual man in a rural town that had previously been homogeneous in terms of their ideas and habitants. 

David spends the majority of the series in a relationship with Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid), a local who goes through the journey of falling in love with a man and coming out to the town as gay.

Schitt’s Creek is filled with heartwarming moments and a strong storyline that keeps you watching season after season and caring for each of the characters and all of their quirks. 

Currently, the first five seasons are available on Netflix, and the final season becomes available October 8. 

Each episode is around 25 minutes, making it the perfect length for a quick study break laugh or virtual binging session with friends.