Grant offered to student journalists

Katie Fata

 Scholarship platform recently announced a new grant for college students interested in on-campus journalism. 

The platform’s Journalism Grant will be awarded to current college students to cover the costs of any kind of campus journalism project they propose. enables anyone and any company to create a customized scholarship, fellowship, or grant with the confidence that the award will go to a high-impact individual or project. 

Projects may be print, online, video, text or audio-based. 

Example projects can include a variety of initiatives including campus radio shows, podcasts, a news film and others. 

Applicants are encouraged to “think big,” according to co-founders Denis Grosz and Dror Liebenthal. 

Eligible applicants include current college students in any undergraduate or graduate program. 

Students within any field of study or GPA will be considered. 

The application deadline is Feb 28, 2020. 

The application consists of a proposal that details the project applicants would like to pursue and an overview of how they would use the funding.

Successful proposals will explain why the project will be valuable for the applicant’s student body as a “story worth telling,” according to Grosz and Libenthal. 

The grant is open to any student who is a current or aspiring journalist, so applicants at any level of experience are encouraged to apply.

Created by Grosz, a technology investor and entrepreneur, the grant is meant to foster the continued importance of student journalism. 

“Robust and accurate journalism is an essential component of a thriving democracy,” Grosz said. 

Supporting spiring journalists is especially important at the university level, according to the founders. 

Seventy-six percent of all college students have read their campus publication in the past 30 days, according to research done by media company Alloy.

But college newspapers do face similar challenges to the rest of the news industry as revenue and support decline, the research continues. 

The College Journalism Grant is, according to Grosz and Libenthal, a step towards bringing more support to campus news organizations and what they believe to be essential services they provide to students across the country.

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