Success at the Illinois College Press Association conference!


Five members of The Argus staff (former Editor-in-Chief Jackie Connelly, former News Editor Hannah Griffin, current Editor-in-Chief Chris Francis, current News Editor Mary Nicholas and current Features Editor Patrick Cavanaugh) traveled to Chicago Friday, Feb. 17 through Saturday, Feb. 18 for the annual Illinois College Press Association (ICPA) Conference.

The following students were recognized for their outstanding contributions to collegiate-level journalism:

In the “Open” category (for all participating college newspapers)

Senior Daniel Cochran: Other Cartoon, Strip or Panel. Honorable Mention.

Senior Kaz Franciewicz: Other Cartoon, Strip or Panel. First Place.

In the “Non-Dailies Under 4,000” category (for newspapers published weekly at universities with student populations under 4,000)

Senior Hannah Griffin: Headline Writing. First Place.

Erinn Tobin (class of 2011): Sports Photo. First Place.


Congratulations on your awards!