Drama ensues in paradise for bachelors and bachelorettes

Sarah Buchmann

This past Tuesday evening, 4.39 million viewers tuned in to ABC’s finale of its sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Viewers finally got a semblance of resolution on their favorite couples of the summer: Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski, Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor, and Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty.

The four couples made it to the final episode of the season, where audiences eagerly await proposals and engagements.

On Tuesday night, only three couples got engaged.

Nicole and Clay did not follow through with an engagement, as Clay could not tell Nicole that he was in love with her.

Katie and Chris also had a tumultuous time on the beach, but Chris ultimately proposed.

Both had agreed over the course of the show that neither person could break down their walls, which led to their rocky relationship.

Both Dylan, Hannah, Kristian and Demi left the beach with happy, excited proposals.

While everyone from Paradise returned for the “Tell All” episode that followed the finale, Clay and Nicole were absent and their breakup was not discussed. 

During the “Tell All”, it was revealed that two more couples from Paradise had ended up surviving after all: Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert, and Tayshia Adams and, crowd favorite, John Paul Jones.

Caelynn and Dean had been together on the beach for several weeks, but Dean abandoned her to live in his van.

After Caelynn had moved on with Connor Saeli, Dean returned to the beach and asked Caelynn to leave Paradise and go with him.

Caelynn did – and it was finally revealed that the couple is still together.

John Paul Jones and Tayshia’s relationship was much more solid than some of the others on the beach.

He recited Shakespearian sonnets to her, and threw a prom, since Tayshia had never been to one, where Tayshia was crowned “Queen of Paradise”.

When it was time for couples to decide if they would take the next step and assess their relationships for marriage suitability, Tayshia broke up with John Paul Jones, not sure that she was “there yet” in their relationship.

However, during the “Tell All” Tayshia revealed that she had flown to John Paul Jones’ hometown and asked if they could continue their relationship.

John Paul Jones and Tayshia are currently dating and in a committed relationship.

Will they make it?

Caelynn and Dean

5/10. Maybe… Caelynn is definitely used to having a certain lifestyle, being a beauty guru and model. As Dean remarked, Caelynn might have to get rid of a lot of her clothes and makeup in order to move into his van. Or maybe he might move into her apartment? Who knows. They seem happy for now! 

Katie and Chris

0/10. Absolutely not. While they make a cute couple and are both mature adults looking for a real relationship, this is Chris’ sixth time on a Bachelor series and their communication issues are problematic. Katie has repeatedly said how much she wants Chris to be vocal about his feelings for her, and Chris has refused to do so. Katie may have taken her ring back, but the argument from backstage footage shows Chris walking away.

Hannah and Dylan

7/10. Probably? While watching this past season of Paradise, it was clear that Dylan was way more into the relationship than Hannah was. Hannah always seemed distracted, especially in the beginning of the season when Blake was a hot topic item. Despite that, Hannah is moving to L.A. from Birmingham to be closer to Dylan and continue their relationship. 

Demi and Kristian

10/10. Definitely! While Demi has struggled with coming out to America on national television and did leave her relationship with Kristian to be on Bachelor in Paradise, they are incredibly comfortable with each other and had no hesitations professing their love. Kristian re-proposed on the “Tell All” with an emphatic “Yes!” from Demi, so Bachelor Nation can only wait for the wedding of its first same-sex couple.

John Paul Jones and Tayshia

7/10. Probably? Despite the few years in age gap and eons of difference in maturity, John Paul Jones and Tayshia are meant to be. She is completely enamored by him and he is just as in love with her. Tayshia’s hesitation may stem from issues with her.