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A harvest festival weekend is a great way to celebrate the season
Alexandria Green, Staff Writer • October 29, 2023

Halloween is fast approaching on its broom, but what does this mean to students? Some might party until...

Horror movies are the best they've been in a long time
Jules Weick, Staff Writer • October 29, 2023

When many think of horror, they go straight to the goliaths of the genre such as “Halloween”, “Friday...

Universities charge sky-high prices past anything justified
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One of the main reasons students struggle in university is because they have loans that require them...

5 Best Ways to Eat Ice-cream at Saga

Julia Jaudes

1. Make a close approximation of a Dairy Queen Blizzard

This is pretty easy, all you have to do is acquire one of those tall glasses and a spoon. The real trick is to layer the ice cream and your topping of choice (oreo is a classic). Then you become your own blender and smash the ice-cream and topping together until you’ve reached a consistency of your choice. The only downside of this method is that Saga doesn’t have those nice, long-handled spoons for you to blend your treat with, so it can get a little messy. It is so, so worth it though.

2. Use other desserts as your topping

This is easiest done during lunch-time, when you have all those cookies or brownies just begging to be crumbled up on your ice-cream. You could make your own little brownie ice-cream sundae. If you’re brave, you could use a piece of cake at dinner time to use a mix-in. It may take some effort, but that’s what achieving a good dessert is all about.

3. Cookie ice-cream sandwich

Expanding on the above idea, you could take two cookies and combine them with ice-cream into your own, Saga-made cookie ice-cream sandwich. It’s even a step up from the completely frozen ones you can buy in the Dug Out, since the cookies are fresh. You can eat this treat with your hands, and its two desserts in one.

4. Combine ice-cream and cereal

Ice-cream is basically just frozen milk. So if you think about, ice-cream and cereal go together just as well as milk and cereal. They, in fact, belong together. If you’ve never had a bowl of cereal with ice-cream instead of milk, you’re missing out. You could go more traditional and eat some granola, or go for an adventure and try Fruit Loops or Captain Crunch. The contrast of crunchy cereal and the ice-cream is great.

5. Milkshake

To make a milkshake, you get a glass and fill it three-fourths of it with ice cream and then you fill the other fourth with your choice of milk. Then you get a spoon and go ham on that mixture until you’ve reached milkshake wonderland.

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